Jamie xx Shares Stunning New Music Video For ‘GOSH’

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Jamie xx Shares Stunning New Music Video For ‘GOSH’

Jamie xx has shared a brand new film clip for his massive 2015 tune, ‘GOSH’.

Despite the official film clip being released"> last year, the Young Turks¬†labelhead has teamed up with acclaimed director Romain Gavras (the man behind M.I.A‘s ‘Bad Girls’ film clip) for a stellar new music video that follows the narrative of a young group of people, dressed alike, living in grey, baron city.

Speaking on the video with Apple Music, Jamie xx says “Romain Gavras has directed some of my very favourite music videos. I’m so happy that my music inspired him to make something this incredible for GOSH”.

Check it out below, and enjoy.

If you think Jamie xx looks like he needs to have a sleep, check this out.


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