Fetty Wap Gets A Future Re-Work From Brisbane’s Hier

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Fetty Wap Gets A Future Re-Work From Brisbane’s Hier

Brisbane producer Hier has been making a statement for himself in the dance scene after two massive collaborations with admirable producer’s LOJACK and Holly.

Now he’s back with a huge remix of Fetty Wap‘s ‘Again’. Hier‘s take on Fetty‘s tune boasts a colourful and bright future-bass style. Hier‘s remix shows his musicality and along with Fetty‘s vocals, Hier perfectly executes his production and composition skills.

Things are definitely looking big for Hier‘s future so jump on while he’s still warming up and check out more of his music on his SoundCloud.

If you’re a fellow Brisbane local you can catch Hier playing at The TBC Club this July for a special Father x The South East Grind gig alongside other talents such as Holly, LUUDE & LOJACK.


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