Ableton Release Free Live 9.7 Beta

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Ableton Release Free Live 9.7 Beta

Words by Jack Miller

Musicians rejoice! Ableton has given us an early christmas present in the form of a new beta that was launched last week for its new Live software.

Live 9.7 is a FREE update that involves minor bug fixes and improvements, revolving around integration with the Push controller. However, the biggest changes have come in the form of some new additions, mainly the new options for slicing beats by beat divisions, regions, transients or manually.

Ableton, who are the leaders in music production and functionality have again made things more accessible. Through these new slicing options artists will be able to engage with more versatile, seamless live beat chopping, as these slicing options have been made available in the Simpler device and can be triggered from the Push. Don’t fret though, even those without a Push can still use these new updates to the Simpler device, however, those with the Push will see the dramatic benefit.

Other updates accompanying the new slicing functions include a new drum layout. This new addition will see 16 levels of velocity sensitivity for playing and programming more dynamic beats, better visual feedback for tighter recordings, and workflows such as colour-coding and audio routing, which now have the functionality to be controlled directly from the Push.

Ableton’s last major update came to us in February of this year and since then we have been salivating for more. Although the final version of Live 9.7 isn’t due out until later this year, hopefully we can see artists use these new sampling tools in more intriguing and creative ways, with Ableton continuing to fine-tune Push as an instrument for music making and performance, it seems music production is in good hands.


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