Practise entering Berghain with the help of Virtual Reality

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Practise entering Berghain with the help of Virtual Reality

Berghain needs no introduction. The globally recognised nightspot has become synonymous with exclusivity and community all at once. Strange right? The people who have been will tell you it’s amazing, and – naturally- those who haven’t been or have been denied entry tend to focus on the ‘exclusivity’ part.

However, for those gunning to take the chance at entering one of the world’s most notorious nightclubs, there is now a way you can practise.

The ‘Berghain Trainer’ is a website that has been built as a way for party-goers to practise their entry ‘style’, up against the ever-inquisitive doorman. The simulation will utilise your camera and microphone, and face you up against the doorman who will ask you a set of questions such as “How old are?”, “Are you on drugs tonight?”, “Is this your first time?”, “Where have you come from?” and “Who’s playing tonight?”.

The simulation uses facial recognition software to analyse whether you are ‘sad’, ‘angry’, ‘happy’ etc, and if you carry yourself well throughout that part, you will gain entry. But much like the real thing, any hesitations may result is the boot!

Want to have a crack at getting into Berghain? Click HERE to see how you go.




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