Aphex Twin shares first music video in nearly 20 years!

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Aphex Twin shares first music video in nearly 20 years!

Aphex Twin has commissioned a 12-year-old boy to direct the music video for his new track, ‘CIRKLON3‘. You better believe it.

The video was uploaded yesterday to Aphex Twin’s new YouTube channel, and is an 8-minute mix of the first cut from his forthcoming EP. The video follows the antics and direction of 12-year Dublin local, Ryan Wyer; who – along with some friends – runs, jumps and dances around while fitted with some Aphex Twin merch and a very familiar mask.

Despite being one of the stranger videos to emerge thus far in 2016, it is also a very ‘Aphex Twin’ way to go about things, and for that it is great. The music is phenomenal in its technicality and soundscape, and the visuals – with their overly saturated colours and pace – compliments the track while also creating a mental cocktail ranging from confusion to content.

As the first cut from his anticipated yet fairly surprising ‘Cheetah‘ EP, Aphex Twin’s new song acts a soothing reminder of just how talented the London based producer is.

Cheetah drops on July 8 via Warp Records. Pre-order it here, and enjoy the music video for ‘CIRKLON3′ below!


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