Antwerp Art Museum hosts Rave exhibition

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Antwerp Art Museum hosts Rave exhibition

If some old loser tells you that rave ain’t no culture, you can point them to this article, or to Antwerp’s Museum Of Modern Art. The museum is hosting a neat exhibition on rave culture this summer.

The exhibition, called Energy Flash is a collaboration with local club Ampere, and it’s “the first museum exhibition for considering rave, as well as the social, political, economic and technological conditions that led to the advent of rave as an alternative movement across Europe.”

It runs from June 17 to September 25, and we sure wish we could be there. The exhibition will boast works by visual artists alongside design, music, fashion, archival footage, literature and criminal legislature.

“Energy Flash will look at rave as a highly politicised phenomenon,” the curators add. “As a movement, it enacted a desire to be autonomous, with a belief in tolerance and experimental living, all built around the latent energy of electronic music. As a music-based culture, it embraced self-practice, invention and unbridled creativity, arguably leading to the densest period in history for the diversification of music.”

Of course, it ain’t a rave exhibition without a good old rave. As RA reports, there will be three clubnights starting on June 16 with Kraftwerk’s Wolfgang Flür and R&S boss Renaat Vandepapeliere. K’Alexi Shelby and Paul Du Lac will play on June 17, and Âme’s Kristian Beyer has a set on June 18.

On the topic of Raving, check out this video on Ukraine’s rave revolution here.




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