Meet The Chimney Sweeper Making Future Bass

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Meet The Chimney Sweeper Making Future Bass

Melbourne-based future bass head Mitsunami is no stranger to the creative side of life, finishing a Diploma in Dance at New Zealand School of Dance and working with the Royal New Zealand Ballet and the West Australian Ballet.

However, it was the pull towards music production that won the creative tug-of-war, an interest he delved into in his youth when he first picked up the guitar. Upon moving across the pond to Australia, music soon became his main creative outlet which coincided with his job as a chimney sweeper.

As the latest member to the Stoney Roads Records family, Mitsunami brings forth years of self taught musical finesse with his progressive new two-track project.

With a few years of production under his belt, the progression in finding his own unique sound is clear and depicted through his truly impressive, technical approach to dance music that infuses the bass-heavy characteristics of trap with more ambient, blissful electronica that eases in through each song and creates a mellow atmosphere.

Both ‘Paradark’ and ‘Myrtle’ radiate with an eclectic array of instrumentation and sampling that come together to form a truly standout project. The title track ‘Paradark’ is – in his own words – a “dark” yet “pretty” track, which translates in the title, being an adjustment of the word “paradox”. The second song “Myrtle” hits closer to home, named after the street he currently lives on, which seems right in the way the song portrays a personal, and emotional tone.


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