PREMIERE: Fabrikate – ‘Philly’ + discussing the reason behind the masks and ‘The Price Is Right’.

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PREMIERE: Fabrikate – ‘Philly’ + discussing the reason behind the masks and ‘The Price Is Right’.

Electronic two piece ‘Fabrikate’ are back with their highly anticipated full length EP ‘Bodies’, out 13th May via KooKoo Records. Premiering today is the light-hearted and deliciously smooth track ‘Philly’.

‘Philly’ is a groovy, ultra-suave, velvety vocal laden masterpiece. It’s exactly what you’d want to listen to as you drove off into the sunset with the roof down sipping on some grape fanta. See for yourself, you’ll know what I mean.

We chatted with the guys behind Fabrikate to check in on what they’ve been up to, have a look:

Stoney Roads: Hey there Fabrikate! Congratulations on your full length EP ‘Bodies’, which is due for the 13th May, how has it been received by the lucky few that have heard it?

Fabrikate: Thanks! To be honest we’ve been very secretive about it. Our moms like it, that’s pretty much what we care about.

SR: You’re premiering the track ‘Philly’ with us, what was the inspiration and creative process behind this one?

F: That’s a funny one. We were working on this track and it was leading nowhere. It just wasn’t happening, and we were about to ditch the song when we heard the doorbell, and some delivery dude showed up with a Philly Cheese Steak sandwich we never ordered. We took it, ate it, and finished the song after. The Philly Cheese Steak saved the track, and now ‘Philly’ has become one our most precious recordings.

SR: How do you both bounce off each other as a team when it comes to creating music?

F: One of us will usually start laying the foundation for a new track alone. Once it’s ready to share, we throw the flash drive high up in the air, hoping it’ll land on a pigeon’s back and eventually get to the other guy, who will work on the track some more. Rinse and repeat. Wetransfer and Dropbox are bad for the environment.

SR: What/who were your influences in making ‘Bodies’?

F: Michael Bolton ’89, Barry White ’74, Man Parrish ’82, Bobby Thurston’ 80, Com Truise, The Disciples, Kavinsky, Giorgio Moroder, Daft Punk, Hercules & The Love Affair.

SR: How would you personally describe your sound on this LP?

F: Bright red convertibles driving down a neon highway. Disco balls shining bright in a dark dance hall. Miami, circa 1983 with a 2016 flare… we didn’t get to live it, so we go there in our music.

SR: Your tagline is ‘you don’t get to see our faces, you get to hear our music’. Fill us in on the thought process on this one.

F: People tend to associate music to the faces that make it, which is fine. Our view on music is that it’s its own thing, separate from its maker. We have enough fun with the idea to base our whole concept around it. Because why not? The lack of our musical identity is our musical identity.


SR: You’ve been busy shooting music videos, what kind of artistic style can fans expect from them?

F: Our videos go with our music: steady, wavey and in your face. One of them was filmed by a great team in LA. We took on a pretty absurd concept that turned out great in the end. It’ll be a huge exhalation when the world finally sees it.

A video posted by Fabrikate (@fabrikatemusic) on Apr 25, 2016 at 2:58pm PDT

SR: What’s been a highlight of your musical career thus far?

F: Djing some of the craziest sweet sixteen parties, county fairs, bowling tournaments, bingo nights… it’s all been a wild blur.

SR: What are you listening to at the moment?

F: No Doubt’s “Tragic Kingdom” album, Barrabas’ “Wild Safari”, Sum 41’s “Chuck”, anything D-Train

SR: What’s next for Fabrikate?

F: We have some stuff brewing that we don’t want to say too much about. But you can count on us either making music, playing music, or talking about one of the two in the near future. We’ll also be watching a lot of The Price Is Right.

Pre-order ‘Bodies’ HERE.

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