Now You Can Sell Your Guestlist Spots On This App

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Now You Can Sell Your Guestlist Spots On This App

A newly announced App, Entr, claims that it “connects like-minded clubbers from around the world, allowing them to enjoy and secure entry to the clubbing experiences that suit them best.” 

In doing this, they are hoping to allow you to navigate around the “Strict door policies and unspoken rules are notorious in the clubbing scene.” And their suggested solution could have you seeing dollar signs.

In simple terms, if you don’t feel like forking over unnecessary cash and being stuck in a stale, cramped line in front of your venue of choice, the miracle of crowdsourcing now allows you to find a ‘hero‘ who will get you in for less. On the opposite side of the pitch, if you’re an ‘in the know’ club regular, why not sell off those guest-spots and make some extra dough?

Check out exactly how it works here.


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