DJ 4B talks Wu-Tang, Jersey nightlife and not categorising his music

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DJ 4B talks Wu-Tang, Jersey nightlife and not categorising his music

DJ 4B is in Australia, and we got the chance to catch up with the Jersey based producer and DJ ahead of his show this Saturday at The Met in Brisbane.

We speak about how he tackles remixes, having a broad genre, Wu-Tang Clan and how the good clubs in Jersey are all gone!

Stoney Roads: Hows your tour of down under been thus far? How do you find our Aussie crowds weigh up compared to back home?

4B: The tour has been great thus far. It’s great because a lot of people here are hearing me for the first time and I’m gaining a lot of new fans. <

SR: I’m currently listening to your mix for Red Bull Auckland you made while flying to Australia. Do you find a lot of your work is done on flights? How to contain the energy when sitting on a plane haha?

4B: I keep myself busy on planes by working on music and maybe makin some new tunes. I probably get most of my work done in hotels haha

SR: Jersey Club is really kicking off in Australia of late – probably the most popular club music at the moment for that matter. How did you start getting in JC?

4B: I moved to Jersey in middle school and my friends at my lunch table would bang their hands on the table making beats. One of my friends gave me one of DJ Tameils mixtapes and the rest was history. 

SR: What are the clubs in Jersey like for someone who hasn’t been? I have some pretty wild expectations haha.

4B: I hate crushing everyone’s dreams but the nightlife in jersey and New York stinks lol. Soo much talent in Jersey and New York but the clubs don’t really support the talent. Haven in Atlantic City and Webster Hall in Manhattan are my two favorite clubs in NY/NJ Those are the only 2 clubs where I get to express my sound, all the good clubs are gone. Maybe I’ll open up one one day haha.

SR: You have some awesome remixes in your back catalogue – my favourite of recent is the Congorock remix! How do you tackle your remixes? Do you always have an idea of what you want to do or is it all spontaneous and you kind of just see what happens as you work on it?

4B: Sometimes I go into a project with an idea but my best work defiantly comes spontaneously. 

SR: So you’re in Australia, are there many Aussie artists on your radar you’ve been listening too lately? If so, any you’d like to get studio time with while you’re here?

4B: I’m a huge fan of WhatSoNot and also Quix has been killing it lately. 

SR: Growing up in Staten island, were you a big Wu Tang fan? there is a lot of hip-hop flow in your music, is hip-hop in general a big part of your musical life?

4B: I’m a huge hip hop head. Wu Tang will always be in my top 5 for hip hop. You can catch me wearing some Wu Gear at some of my shows.

SR: On Facebook your ‘Genre’ is everything. Do you find categorising yourself in a specific genre creates any boundaries for an artist? Are their any dance music genres you’re listening to the most at the moment?

4B: It’s 2016 and with the internet having such an impact on music I don’t like to categorize myself. Back in the day it was weird if you listened to different types of music and now it’s weird if you don’t. So I plan on releasing a bunch of different styles and hopefully getting a great response from my following. 

SR: Finally, would you share with us your top 3 tracks to play in the club right now? Thanks!

DJ Mustard & Travis Scott – Whole Lot of Lovin 


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