Rane Announce New Two-Channel Rotary Mixer
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Rane Announce New Two-Channel Rotary Mixer

When your mixers made by the same people who build Boeing airplanes you know there doing something right.

US company Rane have announced the addition of a brand new mixer the MP2014 Two-Channel Rotary Mixer. Packing the crisp punch and analog feel of its predecessors the MP2014 is an audiophiles wet dream.

Looking like it was made in the 50s but still pushing the newest specs it represents  the perfect marriage of a high-quality rotary control surface, with state-of-the-art digital signal processing and dual 16-channel USB sound cards and an essential assortment of analog and digital I/O supports mixing vinyl, CDs and USB streaming audio in any combination.

The mixer also has dual usb inputs for those awkward change overs allowing for two laptops to be plugged in simultaneously.

The bad boy comes in at around $2000,  have a look at the full specs here and watch the demo video below.

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