This New 24-Hour Venue Looks Amazing
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This New 24-Hour Venue Looks Amazing

Amsterdam is getting a spanking new, 24-hour, seven day a week venue. De School, which is set to open next month, will feature additional areas such as the restaurant, cafe, exhibition space and gym. And I’m sure you’d be forgiven for thinking the venue sounds more like a sprawling entertainment complex than merely a nightclub.

The nightclub itself has a capacity of 500 people and is one of only five venues in Amsterdam to be given a 24-hour license by the city council. According to website Residentadvisor, De School will place the DJ booth smack-bang in the middle of the crowd, whilst the club’s programming will centre around local DJs, who will be given the chance to play longer sets amongst some of the highest quality international acts around. The set times have yet to be released, although the music program for the first two months will see the likes of internationals such as Seth Troxler, Peter Van Housen, Barnt, Konstantin and more.

The whole thing sounds to good to be true, and by Australia’s standards, it really is. We can only dream of one day having a venue like this one is set to become and speaking further with Residentadvisor, De School has only tantalized our imaginations further, stating “We’re gonna start off slowly, all nights will have an open end but they won’t go on forever. Sometimes a night will end around 5 AM, on very good nights it might be 9 AM or 10 AM. We’re striving for a culture where people can come for 24 hours to dance, eat good food in our restaurant, chill out in the garden and see cool exhibitions, but we’ll have to build that up first.”

A couple of images from inside the venue have already popped up online, or if you’re lucky enough to be in that neck of the woods during the start of 2016, you can check out the music program by clicking here.

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