Someone has gone and shared their Instagram page which is dedicated to crazy, retro-futuristic electronics. As with many great things on the net, the page was originally shared on Reddit, the self-described 'Front page of the internet.' The user goes by the name of 'nightliquid_retro' (or you can call him by his human name, Sebastian.)

Sebastian, a 28 year old from Berlin who is preparing to study music production and sound engineering, began his music obsession as a child. He would take all his toys which made sound and record them with a Fischer-Price toy cassette player. These days, he collects images of rare electronics and instruments from the 1950s to the 1990s. He's been doing this for a long while now, and with time comes competency. His extensive Instagram gallery is shared with over 8000 followers and is nothing short of extraordinary.

Speaking with viral news site upvoted, Sebastian says "It’s funny to think they’re worth so much—most of them weren’t successful back in the day, and nobody bought them," he explains. "Many were ahead of their time."

See some of it below and or go and follow his Instagram page.