Overjoy releases lush Breakfast EP on Sweat It Out!

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Overjoy releases lush Breakfast EP on Sweat It Out!

I am overjoyed to have been recently put onto indie dance trio, Overjoy. After listening to each track an embarrassing amount of times, I can safely say that I’m utterly in adoration for their recent two track EP, “Love for Breakfast,” and you should be, too!

Overjoy situates themselves in LA, which is communicated in the relaxed lounge aesthetic of Airport Song – which I hear is an ode to finding fleeting love with a stranger while waiting for a flight, while “Love For Breakfast” tells a modern tale at unrequited love. Both records showcase a high speed background contrasted by an incredibly sedated foreground, making for a great sound.

From LA to Sydney, Overjoy’s EP has found itself  a lucky home at Sweat It Out! Responsible for some of Australia’s great music exports.

If you’re familiar with the unique breakfast pastime in Sydney or LA, you’ll find it light to the touch, packs a tasty punch and has an air of beautiful arrogance…just like the EP.

Absolutely refreshing, delightful and ethereal.


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