From Mash-Up To Dance-Pop Hit: 99 Souls – ‘The Girl Is Mine’ Featuring Destinys Child & Brandy

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From Mash-Up To Dance-Pop Hit: 99 Souls – ‘The Girl Is Mine’ Featuring Destinys Child & Brandy

You’re about to hear a lot more of a track that’s come from a fairly innocuous background to what is already being deemed a global hit. 

The track actually originated back in December 2014 surfacing on Soundcloud in the shape of a mash-up taking elements from Destinys Child and Brandy on top of a clunky set of UK inspired up-beat chords (think anything Calvin Harris touches) dubbed “The Girl Is Mine” with the creators 99 Souls probably not thinking much would come of it.

Skip forward a year and it’s already topping charts with commercial radio success throughout the UK after only a month since its official release. Add 2,900,000 million streams as well as 6,000 Shazams in a single day after getting its first play BBC Radio 1 Track of the Day and the thing has some legs.

There’s no doubt its catchy but you’ve got to wonder what kind of hoops have been leapt through to clear some samples from acts such as Destinys Child AND Brandy?

Pushed out on an independent label Resilience Records and backed by Sony, the creators have obviously given up some rights or cold hard cash that’ll be divvied up all the parties involved post sales and any licensing that goes on.

Was it worth it?

Definitely, in the situation of 99 Souls this wouldn’t have been a hard choice given the relatively fresh stance they have with this being their only somewhat original creation they’ve pushed out that has led to support from Pete Tong and even a Snakehips remix that’s getting plenty of love.

The real irony is the track existing on Soundcloud in the first place, a platform that is now under attack from major labels who have been pulling unofficial remixes, bootlegs and mashups without much foresight as to see that good music creations can come from it.

To think this track wouldn’t have existed in 2015 and it’s eventual success should be a reality check to all labels…

Check it out below before you hear it EVERYWHERE!

Grab the single on iTunes here.


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