What Happens When A Tornado and Bush Doof Meet?

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What Happens When A Tornado and Bush Doof Meet?

Things you don’t expect to see at a Bush Doof? A tornado, but that didn’t stop the dust slinging tube from touching down and causing a bit of unplanned fun at this years earthcore festival.

Doofnado as it is scientifically known, sent punters into a frenzy as it spiralled around the festival bringing with it good vibes and a whole lot of dust.

The rare footage is believed to be the first time a Doofnado has been caught on film, and there are currently talks with studio execs about a feature film, Return Of The Doofnado and You, Me and Doofnado.

Whilst yet to be confirmed there are rumours the Doofnado is forecast to hit Subsonic over the coming weekend, so for those of you heading to the festivities be warned with uncontrollable dancing said to be directly associated with this mysterious event.

BUT can we just reflect for a second here, it’s a fucking DOOFNADO!!!





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