Opiuo and Shapeshifter, two of New Zealand's foremost dubstep and drum and bass technicians, have collaborated to create a two-track EP titled Slug A Bug. Both parties bring their signatures sonic to the table, and the result is a really great blend of their unique styles.

Opiuo provides the essence of funk, effortlessly blending with soulful vocals from Shapeshifter's PDigsss. Both tracks on the EP are heavily ladened with growls, wobbles and hard-hitting guitar riffs that will ensnare the ears of any bass fiend.

The title track of the EP has been delivered via a sensational stop motion-based film clip, where you can see the animation react with the music, really bring the song alive. We highly recommend taking three and half minutes out of your day to feast upon the visual spectacle.

You can catch the Opiuo band as the come to Melbourne for Let Them Eat Cake, which happens on new years day.