Club Hopping In Berlin With David Gtronic

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Club Hopping In Berlin With David Gtronic

Berlin local David Gtronic who’ll be playing Mantra Collective’s outdoor Halloween party this weekend, has given us the low down the 5 clubs you simply can’t sleep on when visiting Berlin. From infamous clubbing destination Berghain to fan favourite Club Der Visionaere, here are 5 of the best according to the house producer.

Club Der Visionaere

Club Der Visionaere is of course a place you often hear about but it’s for a good reason. This place is the #1 for me for so many reasons. The fact that during the summer i can find some of my favourite artist playing there almost any day of the week is enough to justify its position as #1. The Club is usually open from 3pm all the way up to 10am the next day or sometimes later depending on the situation. The setting is very simple, positioned next to a river in the centre of Kreuzberg, there is plenty of open air space so you can really enjoy the sun on a beautiful summers day. Its crazy to think how many hours I’ve spent here but its of one of those places where the time goes by fast without you even noticing. This summer i had the chance to host two events with Hector and Vatos Locos which turned out to be great. It was amazing to have 18+ hours at one of my favourite locations playing records with all my close friends.

Club Der Visionaere


Hoppetosse is definitely another favourite on my list. Its operated by the same guys from Club der Visionaere so you know you can always expect some quality lineups. Hoppetosse was the first club that I ever went to in Berlin in the Summer of 2013. This night i also had the chance to play the downstairs floor for Hector’s birthday with Randall M, Lilith and Bella Sarris on the line up. The venue is basically an old style boat which is pretty big in size that is stationed in a permanent position. What I love the most about it is the very intimate vibe you get at this place.



There is so much to say about Panorama bar and Berghain which is deemed as one of the greatest and craziest clubs in the world for so many reasons. But what i respect about it the most is how much they enforce their rules to keep a specific vibe in the venue which means not allowing the wrong tourist to enter the club with their cameras or whatever. The line ups are very interesting not always my choice of music but its great because I get to hear so many artist that I would normally not listen to.



Chalet is a great 3 room club near the centre of Kreuzberg. Cosmetically it’s something really unique giving off a kind of 19th century vibe as the original structure is literally over 150 years old. There are two inside levels, one being much smaller and more intimate, as well as a outside garden area usually opened during the summer time. There’s always great artists in and out of chalet on a weekly basis and usually it goes well into the morning so always a great spot to be.
chalet berlin 1


Sisyphos is a very cool place is usually open every two weeks from Thursday-Sunday. The atmosphere is always incredible and the decoration kind of reminds me of some sort of Circus. They usually invite a lot of Berlin residents and a few guests from time to time.

Sisyphos 2

With that, your bender in Berlin is sorted. David Gtronic will be playing Mantra’s outdoor Halloween party this weekend, which kicks off at 2pm at the Factory Theatre. Theres nothing better than soaking up the sunshine at a quality outdoor event so do yourself a favour and grab tickets here.

Those wanting to throw down with David and the Mantra Collective this weekend at The Factory Theatre under the sun and stars for their outdoor party can grab tickets here.


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