Alba – Operator [Plastic World]
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Alba – Operator [Plastic World]

Sydney electronic duo Alba are back with a two track EP, including the single ‘Operator’ out on local label Plastic World. We were fortunate enough to discuss the nostalgic-ridden tune with them, as they confessed their love of jazz and incorporating classical sounds into their work.

“The voicing of the chords is really great, and the recording tends to bring a certain texture to our tunes,” Thomas revealed.

‘Operator’ has that ineffable human element to it, with the emotive keys and mesmerising vocal sample denoting a strong sense of reflection.

“The piano on ‘Operator’ is cut from an old Australian new age record. You know what, I could go back and check but I’m not 100% sure what he is actually saying in that repeated loop.”

“We are firmly rooted in our live performance work, and bond over a lot of jazz and non-electronic music,” he added.

The duo, who were the first to release on the Plastic World imprint, feel as if they are quite organic with their process, with Thomas admitting they very much follow their instinct when coming together to produce.

“I think we are finally following our intuition and letting that shape the music we make together, rather than forcing ourselves into a particular style or approach,” they said.

‘Operator’, my track of the month for September, is available on iTunes and Bandcamp now.


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