State Government Sides With Community Radio Station Against Developers

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State Government Sides With Community Radio Station Against Developers

Big ups to the Victorian Labour government after it stepped in to protect community radio station Triple R from developers who had planned to build a six-storey high-rise building next to the stations headquarters.

The high-rise would have blocked the stations signal and ability to reach its transmitter in Mount Dandedong which would have hurt its overall coverage and in turn forcing Triple R to fork out a whopping $452,000 to move the radio mast if it had gone ahead.

Council had approved a four-story version but the entire thing was knocked back by an independent panel after pleas from MPs and the public.

State member for Brunswick Ms Jane Garrett said the radio station was part of Melbourne’s cultural fabric.

“I’m proud that we’ve been able to secure 3RRR which is a community icon driven by passionate volunteers,” adding “Triple R lives in Brunswick but belongs to all of Victoria.”

It’s great to see politicians care about their people and icons such as 3RRR which has been broadcasting since 1976. The Greens look to seize the seat of Brunswick in the 2018 election.

source: The Age


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