Someone Made A Chewbacca Remix And It Is Hilarious

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Someone Made A Chewbacca Remix And It Is Hilarious

With all the hype around the new Star Wars film, game and everything else that goes with the huge ass franchise comes a rather timely remix of everyones favourite wookie.

Dubbed the “Chewie Tune” by unknown producer Eclectic Method we’re treated to a Melbourne Bounce styled beat with various chew-chops and cameo’s from other notable characters.

Turns out Eclectic Method is an A/V producer out of London with various video wares of other pop-culture icons including Terminator, Childish Gambino and Ghostbusters mashed with beats much like our own homegrown talents Sampology and Ego.

Regardless if your a Star Wars fan or not here’s a good way to waste a minute and a half!


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