Hermitude – Through The Roof (Mitsunami Remix)

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Hermitude – Through The Roof (Mitsunami Remix)

By now you are familiar with the electronic-hip-hop gentlemen, Hermitude. You may also have had the pleasure of bopping around to their dancehall-esque tune, “Through The Roof”, with it’s massive horns and good vibes. What you may have not heard is a remix from a local Melbourne producer, Mitsunami, who is delivering some quality music into our lives.

Mitsunami is taking a well defined sound and making it his own, something that is displayed perfectly in his remix of “Through The Roof”. From the broken down intro, to the heavy synth sounds that excellently replace those epic horns, the remix retains enough of the original to recognise but splashes Mitsunami’s own thumping trap sound all over it. And we dig it.

Not only is it a killer remix, the track was very recently the winner of a remix competition hosted by Hermitude themselves. That’s recognition right where it is deserved.

Check out the remix below and make sure you check out Mitsunami’s SoundCloud for some sweet originals too.



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