Australian Media Discover ‘Secret, Sex-Fuelled World’ Of ‘Berlin’s Berghain Nightclub’
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Australian Media Discover ‘Secret, Sex-Fuelled World’ Of ‘Berlin’s Berghain Nightclub’

It’s only taken 11 years but Australian mainstream media have finally cottoned onto the secret, sex-fuelled world of Berlin’s Berghain Nightclub with the journalists own attempts at gaining entry into the famed party spot hilarious reported in detail.

In the piece on we get a snapshot of the ‘infamous’ building that houses “drugs, X-rated sexual encounters and mind-blowing industrial techno, housing one of the most powerful sound systems in the world.” with advice on best practices to gain entry, the clubs no camera policy and stories of head bouncer Sven Marquardt who even busted out a nein on Britney Spears one time (your obvious club goer).

The story really does fit the audience with a shocking title but relatively white bread fodder that makes the place actually sound like a great night out as apposed to scaring the bejesus out of the oldies and mostly agreed upon by the hundreds of Australians testing the lines every weekend.

One of our favourite blurbs from the piece;

My first (and failed) attempt was with my German friend whom like myself, was a Berghain first-timer. Upon leaving his apartment to make the freezing expedition to Berghain on a cold night, his housemate had informed us to strictly wear black.

I decided to defy his advice and opted for high-waisted, tight magenta pants teamed with a black top and a half-caked face of make-up. My friend decided to keep it casual in black attire without looking anything special, basic at best.

The rest of the story is worth a read with the author only managing a four hour stint inside the club which is dwarfed by the usual marathon sessions we’ve heard about.

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