Even though the verdicts still out on shuffling at festival's we're backing a character that's been popping up across American dance music festivals for the last few years and mixing up the cultural melting pot.

Toted as Papa Turnt a suitably badass name and moves to boot, he's been captured dancing all over the place from Electric Daisy Carnival  Orlando to Sunset Music Festival and even releases his own shuffling tutorials.

His get up is simple but explains the papa alias donning a mask of that of an old man with a white beard and at times a cane to help play out the role while dancing to music made by mostly white 'EDM' producers and at times interrupted by fans wearing indian headdresses (awkward).

Shuffling mega fan and leader Oliver Heldens has recognised the guys talents even dubbing a video of him from 2013 with a new track from the future house producer.

Shuffle on Papa Turnt, shuffle on!

#Papa Turnt