Veteran NSW Paramedic Opens Up On The Latest Deadly Drug
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Veteran NSW Paramedic Opens Up On The Latest Deadly Drug

“People are binging on drugs nowadays just like alcohol” says 20-year Sydney veteran paramedic Hamura Kohu. His comments come after a polarising discussion by an expert and pharmacist that suggests Australia should consider legalising ecstasy to reduce the harm of contaminated black market pills.

The frontline worker spoke in detail on what he’s seen trending across the city, stating; “It used to be heroin that we dealt with, then it became a little bit of speed but now it is primarily methamphetamines… then of course, you still have your ecstasy and GHB. It mainly comes down to the cash flow when determining what a person is using.” – heavy.

The party drug is not just stereotyped to the young club goer. We also see the likes of past generations dabbling with Mr. Kohu quoting; “When you have an event catered for older crowds you will see a lot people trying to relive their youth.”.

With no real history or research on prolonged and even increasing use of ice Australia should be preparing for what could happen in the next decade.

Why has ice become the most popular drug? Drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Source: Central Sydney


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