Ricardo Villalobos Bombs Cocoon In The Park Set
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Ricardo Villalobos Bombs Cocoon In The Park Set

Ricardo Villalobos is known for a few things, his ability to ooze techno from his pores, reigns as part of the dance music elite and maybe not so mentionable has been bombing sets according to Harder Blogger Faster who caught the backlash of his strange performance at Cocoon In The Park over the weekend.

Aside from the obvious bit of rain during his slot that would have put a damper on any festivities and the fact he followed up Carl Cox who is a monster act in size, personality and track selection he really hit a nerve with fans who took to Facebook to voice their issues with the German-Chilean DJ’s set.

ricardo t in the park

Maybe the crowd were down for a little more four-four action tracks from hometown favourites Jamie Jones, Route 94, Breach and the like that the Cocoon star just didn’t serve up.

Sure there’s a time and a place to educate fans on music but there has to be a balance in what’s going to do just that while still catering to the sounds people are expecting on the day at a festival of this scale… that and maybe not looking positively cooked as he does in the clip below.

Who are you backing? Ricardo or the fans?


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