Kid Dj’s are using kickstarter to fund their EDM Dreams
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Kid Dj’s are using kickstarter to fund their EDM Dreams

Whilst we’ve seen some bizarre Kickstarter’s before, see the bring Darude to Australia campaign or Dillon Francis covering Katy Perry’s Firework dressed as a pirate, these new campaigns just might top the lot.

No longer are kids saving up for a new bike or a new Xbox now we’re seeing the rise of the kid dj with the latest gear albeit at the not-so-cheap price the new must have toy.

With the likes of Australia’s own 11-year-old Black Summer recently playing at Groovin the Moo and his 9-year-old competition from Florida John Anthony playing the mainstage at Sunset Music Festival are we seeing the rise of the kid DJ?

A string of recent Kickstarter campaigns has seen a host of kids looking to kickstart their Dj careers with a leg up from yours truly.

Take Dj Emery’s approach who is looking to raise $2500 to fund his aspiring Dj career.

“I’m 9 years old. I live in N.Y.C. In my free time i like hanging out with my friends and modeling. One of my dreams is to be a dj.”

Surely as a 9-year old part time model/dj the kid has a huge career ahead (cough).

Closer to home we have the campaign of 11-year-old Dj/Producer JackGee looking to, “become the world’s best dj/producer in the world. I need funds to purchase equipment to make EDM music and to learn more about making music.”

Or the campaign of 16-year-old Amsterdam native Dj Jim looking to fulfil his dream, “to buy the equipment I need to get myself to the next level. Can you fulfill my dream?”.

Whilst we’ve got to give it to these kids for having a crack and backing themselves surely throwing a few dollars in the piggy bank and saving the money themselves might be the way to go instead of asking for handouts and offering little in return.

As old mate Hockey loves to remind us,

Screen Shot 2015-07-13 at 12.27.54 pm

Should the trend continue next we might be having toddler techno raves headlined by none other than Dj Teething or Dj I-Just-Sharted.

If these campaigns don’t get the penny’s out of your pocket maybe your interested in the new must have gamer title, Wubmarine, another kickstarter campaign to fund the completion of the first dance music shooter.

As the campaign states Wubmarine follows the trials and tribulations of  “An intergalactic producer must recover EDM tracks, lost in space, destined for Earth’s DJs in this rhythm based shooter.”

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