Giraffage & Viceroy – Impression Of You (feat. Patrick Baker)

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Giraffage & Viceroy – Impression Of You (feat. Patrick Baker)

Day-dreamy croons and an R&B ambience is the brilliant personality behind “Impression Of You,” the highly anticipated track from sound-sculpting beat guru Giraffage and self-proclaimed Sultan of Summer Viceroy. The San Francisco-based tandem creates a sultry sonic cocoon within their vocal-driven ballad, featuring Patrick Baker’s lovelorn lyrics floating over pulsating synths, tight 808 snares and fast looped hats. And while the track marks a few firsts – the collaboration itself, each artist’s debut on Dim Mak – neither producer is a novice to the scene. Check out the modern day, Tinder-fueled music video ">here.


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