Stream Four Tets Brilliant, Odd New Album

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Stream Four Tets Brilliant, Odd New Album

Give it to Four Tet to throw a complete curveball, not only releasing his album a month early but upon first listen it’s somewhat expected weird structure and sound.

Dubbed ‘Morning/Evening’ the thing is comprised of two, 20-minutes sides as previously reported with a hypnotic blue and yellow cover.

Fans have already weighed in with most praising it for its ease of listening and the creator himself being toted as a “master sound collagist” which we’d tend to agree.

Giving it a full rinse and it’s easy to be taken away, to whatever world Four Tet has created with oriental vocal samples layered over a pitter patter of looping drums and patterns, chimes, chords and cosmic influences – think a game of hide and seek with sounds in a pitch black room!

You can stream it below or on bandcamp.


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