Just How Terrifying Can Michael Jackson Moves Be?
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Just How Terrifying Can Michael Jackson Moves Be?

We try not to subscribe to the usual fodder of ‘prank’ videos unless they are actually real (mostly not) or capture some badass Michael Jackson moves.

Thankfully Youtuber PUNCHROBERT has taken the later to the streets in an attempt to see how scary a couple of moonwalks and kicks are to unsuspecting people.

Maybe he was inspired by the lone dancer during the Baltimore riots trying to bring peace with similar smooth criminal moves?

He also takes things to the next level donning not only old man clothes but the look to match with a mask, hair and glasses to really bug people out.

The results are hilarious with most running away from an old guy moonwalking all over the shop and even stepping into a circle for a crump, HA.

Still need more of an MJ fix? What about a supercut of every grunt, woo and ugh from the King of Pop.


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