Disclosure Ruffle Some Fans Feathers With New Album

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Disclosure Ruffle Some Fans Feathers With New Album

UK garage and house legends duo Disclosure have revealed some pretty major details on their fourth coming sophomore LP!

With in clock work timing of releasing the first single dubbed ‘Holding On’, Disclosure have revealed their second album will be titled ‘Caracal’ and has a ‘wild’ twist. The album art has turned from the silhouette of a person (as was the first album) to the silhouette of a (presumably, ‘party’) animal. For those playing at home, a ‘caracal’ is a medium-sized wild cat native to Africa, Central Asia, Southwest Asia and India. This all seems too suitable after the 1st successful year of their ‘Wild Life festival’ in Brighton.

The 15 track album is set to be released on September the 25th which gives other artists plenty of time to avoid that date.

A lot of discussion online has been generated around Disclosures uncannily similar method of marketing their music to SBTRKT. Take for instance, the use of a symbol on the face and the set up on stage. The man himself weighed in on the debate, keeping it pretty chill quoting; “For anyone @ ing me. I’m not looking for press. I tweeted at someone about artwork. Disclosure are great guys and musically unique. End of.”

Disclosure Caracal

SBTRKTS album artwork for last album



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