The Story Behind How Flight Facilities Sponsored An Under 8’s Soccer Team
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The Story Behind How Flight Facilities Sponsored An Under 8’s Soccer Team

After posting up a pic of their new franchise acquisition (ha) Flight Facilities were kind enough to connect the dots so all would be explained just how the Australian duo came about to back of all things, the under-8 Byron Bay Panthers soccer team.

It was simple really, the coolest dad in Australia right now Kurt Kristen aka the guy that sings all the male parts during the Flight Facilities live show has a kid who plays in the same team he did when he was just a young fella.

He digresses…

The Under 8 Panthers is a local Byron Bay team that formed a couple of years ago. It takes kids from all over the local area and puts them into teams such as the ‘Panthers’. When I was kid my dad coached my soccer team. It still is a great memory of my childhood , so naturally I wanted to coach my boy Leroy.  There’s nothing like seeing your kids have a win on a cold Saturday morning.

Singing with Flight Facilities for the past 5 years has been such a great gig and my kids especially Leroy just think I am this superstar which is kind of cool.

A couple of months ago Leroy came home and said the club was looking for sponsorship so they could bye new equipment, as there gear was getting old . “Dad do you think Flight Facilities could sponsor my soccer team… how cool would that be” . I said let me ask the boys … Jimmy and Hugo thought it was a great idea and also great for the community.

Leroy thinks his the coolest kid around and more importantly it really does help the Byron Bay Football Club . Go FF xx

Turns out the team whipped their opponents 5 – 0 that day and a good reason for a couple of smiles and a couple of oranges!

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