Listen To Every Michael Jackson ‘Woo’ and Grunt Ever

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Listen To Every Michael Jackson ‘Woo’ and Grunt Ever

It’s no lie we’re huge fans of Michael Jackson, with his ability to churn out hit after hit until his passing there weren’t many quite like the King of Pop.

That’s why this super cut of every Michael Jackson grunt really has us grinning.

I mean when you hear his various nuances in a song it’s some badassery but taking out the music and localising the WOO’s and what not is more like hearing your brother or sister going at it with their loved one before a serial killer turns up.

How far did you make it in?

Want more Michael Jackson? Try watching some of our favourite MJ inspired Soul Train videos or even that guy in Baltimore quelling the violence with some sa-weet dance moves.

source: Faster Louder


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