Groove Armada have shunned any major label help and have instead stuck to their guns in producing house music with their latest "Alright" just that.

It'll feature on the forthcoming 'Moda Black' release which will showcase eight new tracks and a handful of remixes.

Groove Armada explain the mood moving forward;

"People were saying if you're going to write new material you need to put it out on a major, get the band back together, unleash the machine, but we don't want to do that. We want to play and make house music, and that's all".

The track is a soulful, dubby number that'll please house fans who want to get up and dance with an easy bassline and anthemic breakdown.

'Moda Black' release is part of the Little Black Book series and will drop July 6th.

Do we ever need an excuse for posting "Superstylin"? Nah!