Getting To Know Australian Music and Fashion Collective FLING FLING

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Getting To Know Australian Music and Fashion Collective FLING FLING

Everyone wants to lead something, some look to start their own parties, others are more attracted to kickstarting a badass collective on the ground here at home.

FLING FLING is just that, an Australian based name under which eclectic video and a cloud for progressive music exist together.

Their output combines trap, Hip-Hop and beats with striking looking models and a fresh approach to consuming content that has changed how we watch and listen to music online.

Things have moved so rapidly the brand has pushed into warehouse parties with another excellent collective dubbed Flow-Fi with the final product being FLUX.

So far the warehouse parties have lifted the lid on local talent including Chiefs, Herzeloyde and GXNXVS with their next party on the 30th boasting their first international Kamandi from New Zealand.

One of the lead creators explains the ascension online and off of FLING FLING…

In late 2014 FLING FLING caught the attention of Aywy (co-founder of Flow-fi) with weekly video #51 – Paola that featured a song from Diversa (Flow-fi). This collaboration changed the course of how we saw our two collectives and what we were doing.

“Flow-fi was always a group of artists I really just kept being impressed by. And it was crazy to see an artist not only notice something I did, but one of the creators post it on the labels Facebook page announcing they thought the work was dope and that FLING FLING was a taste maker in the music I was selecting for the videos”

That praise was all it took for Flow-fi and FLING FLING to come together. They quickly realised their tastes, goals and vision were closely shared when it came to creating a movement in Sydney around this sound. Enter the birth of FLUX – a monthly warehouse gig that featured new music from the cloud and a brand of hip hop, trap and future beats unique to our city.

Flow-fi and FLING FLING are known for their free and democratised approach to music with Flow-fi giving away many of it’s releases for free or through a ‘pay what you like’ model. FLING FLING has made tracks from their videos freely available too, packaging downloads for fans. Flow-fi and FLING FLING also collaborated on a 2015 NYE mix that reached over 50k+ plays and countless downloads.

On May 30th FLING FLING will be DJing for the first time, bringing a live set that will feature all the music they’re known for and plenty of fresh joints too.

“The number one thing people say about the FLING FLING videos is they love the music. It’s an interesting way to come at the music from video maker to selecta. For one reason or another I’ve got plenty of tracks that just haven’t found their way into a video yet. If people have ever been about what we do and the music we select – get down early and support! :)”.

Check out not one but two exclusive clips below including an unreleased AYWY track before hitting attend or grabbing tickets to the next FLUX party this Saturday May 30th featuring Kamandi (NZ) and more.


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