Watch Lone Dancer Take On Baltimore Riot Police
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Watch Lone Dancer Take On Baltimore Riot Police

During the current protests in Baltimore over the death of black teen Freddie Gray while in Police custody comes a glimmer of positive resistance in the form of a dancer.

Crowds were wondering why they thought they could hear Michael Jacksons “Beat It” being played during unrest and the answer has surfaced in the form of African America youth named Dmitri Reeves busting out the King of Pops characteristic moves.

A few clips have surfaced showing Dmitri, a rapper with a love of MJ throwing down moves in one video towards a line of riot police while in another atop of a truck with Police helicopters fly overhead.

The last clip shows the man once again on on a truck but instead dancing to The Beatles “Come Together” with an adoring crowd.

Will Michael Jacksons music help restore peace in Baltimore?

Without getting too political the riots show an unhappy youth, an unhappy minority who have nothing to lose with no solid education, funding or support from local and federal governments.


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