Something’s fishy in Caribou’s ‘I Can’t Do Without You’ Video

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Something’s fishy in Caribou’s ‘I Can’t Do Without You’ Video

It was one of the biggest songs of last year, and we’ve all been waiting for a slammin’ video to follow up.

What did we get? Some fish action.

You have to give it to him, Caribou keeps it eclectic when it comes to his videos. The ‘Our Love’ video captured your run of the mill ‘creepy old chick with dead husband who walks through castle grounds then becomes a ghost and some other weird shit happens’. We figured ‘I Can’t Do Without You’ might have similar dark vibes – we weren’t prepared for this.

So here’s what you need to do; small child in tiny clothes (how creepy are kids clothes?) runs through nondescript paddock with giant fish puppet, which for the purposes of this article we’ll call Frederick. Frederick flies away – small child is upset presumably because ‘I [He] Can’t Do Without You [Frederick]’.

So, maybe we expected something a little less uplifting for this track, but 10 points for originality. The video was directed by Lorenzo Fonda who has previously worked with the Scissor Sisters and Metronomy.

Another 10 points to the person who came up with the competition to gift Frederick to a Caribou fan around the world. Yep, the 12 feet long, five feet tall fishy frond is up for grabs – all you have to do is send the big man a message about what your dreams for Frederick are. Check the competition out via his website – or don’t. Because I fucking want that fish.

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