Beatport To Introduce Several New Genres To Storefront

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Beatport To Introduce Several New Genres To Storefront

Those sick of Beatports tricky genre tagging can breathe a sigh of relief with the digital dance music store announcing forthcoming changes to their storefront by introducing several new genres this month.

The changes stem from user feedback on the often confusing genres of dance music and tracks appearing under them that has frustrated both buyers and producers.

As of the start of next week Beatport will introduce five new tags to help clarify emerging sounds including ‘Countrystep’, ‘Flume’, ‘Orchestral House’, ‘Cat music’ and ‘fucboi bangers’.

Beatport CEO Mathew Adell explained the changes;

“We at Beatport always strive to provide the music the people want, as of April we will be introducing four new genre categories”

“Countrystep is a big one for us and has been simmering since Avicii introduced the yokel sound. Now producers are pushing for that footloose bassline that’ll have their fans bootscootin’ like no tomorrow”

“Flume is an easy one, with his album due out this year we’re expecting loads of similar sounds and instead of trying to call it anything else other than what it is, we just stuck with Flume. Be ready for that Flume Top 10”

“Orchestral House is as straight up as it sounds, you’ve got a hefty sidechain romping and now you’ve got a violin squeaking. Derrick May put this through as a personal request and we had to oblige”

‘Cat music is exclusively for producers who love cats. You’ll often spot shoutouts on their social pages to their feline friends and this reflects in their often meow-y beats’

“fucboi bangers was to say the least, the most offensive but necessary genre to add. Usually loud, brash and have some connotations to smoking weed through it. Too many producers are now pushing this sound”

All in all we applaud Beatport for making progressive steps within the scene to represent it as best.

Jokes… April fools! This was all made in good humour.


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