Australia Gets It’s Very Own Underground Techno Podcast
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Australia Gets It’s Very Own Underground Techno Podcast

The Australian techno landscape is growing. With a myriad of local talent blooming through the likes of the UNTZZ Twelve Inch label in Adelaide and Motorik party crew and label in Sydney, a Melbourne collective have launched a fresh idea in the vein of a fortnightly podcast featuring underground techno artists.

The movement dubbed ‘Bomph‘ have launched their very first ‘Bomphcast’ celebrating the underground techno scene in Melbourne with Stoney Roads Records signed producer Sweetland taking the inaugural reign on the series.

Although with a focus on Australian techno stars the creators have already teased an international guests for the next mix that’ll land in a fortnights time.

Delving into the hour long mix you’ll be privvy to cuts from 2000 And One, Antigone, TWR72 and more indicating a solid idea of what sounds to expect in future instalments.

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Segmento 4 – Reeko
Another One – Truncate
Stripped – Len Faki
Plant 1 – 2000 And One
Venrnacular – Cosmin TRG
Stupid Things I Do (New School Mix) – Ransomer
Walfisch – Roman Poncet
Deform – TWR72
The Melody – Antigone
Man On Wire (Marcel Dettmann Low Key Version) – Skudge
Interlock (Jonas Kopp Remix) – Savas Pascalidis
Departing Comfort (Planetary Assault Systems Remix) – Drumcell
The Politics Of Dying (James Ruskin Remix) – Sigha
Callout – Kaelan
SC1 – Rumah & Progression
Cerate (Truncate Remix) – Roman Poncet
Segmento 3 – Reeko

In celebration of the Bomphcast, Sweetland has also released a very purist techno track, not for the faint hearted!


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