Powdered alcohol to be sold in the USA
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Powdered alcohol to be sold in the USA

Remember that post we did late last year about Powdered Alcohol or Palcohol and everyone was fairly sceptical about┬áit? Well, it’s now passed all the regulatory requirements for it to go to shop front in the US. But that’s not without resistance from government and state officials.

I hate to be upfront with all you Jonny Knoxville wannabe’s (which i’m sure there will be a few on YouTube once this product is officially on store front), it will take 1 hour to snort 1 drink equivalent of Palcohol. The founder spills that it’s painful as all f%$k. Look forward to seeing that on the internet.

The other thing is, 1 packet of alcohol equals the equivalent size of 4 x shots of alcohol. However, at the same time, a packet of Palcohol weighs 1/3 of the weight of alcohol. It also takes 30 seconds to dissolve in water if the water is not cold (longer if is).

The founder has a vision to help sell Palcohol in two forms. One that can be for just people to drink and enjoy, the other to be useful for purposes including using as an antiseptic or emergency fuel for i.e. a vehicle.

I think this is a good product that is probably less destructive than straight up alcohol and has vision for more uses. What do you think? Watch the founder Mark Phillips creepy intense but insightful video below.

NOTE – founder doesn’t address shelving Palcohol.


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