The label "Monstercat," notoriously known for producing captivating visual teaser clips and podcasts, is expanding (if it's even possible), in a BIG way - a management way.  Haywyre leads the movement and is an example of the direct efforts of the label in management realm, from an impressive Odesza remix recently online, to hefty ass tour with AMonly offline.

Today, we bring you their very new, and game changing artist who goes by the name, "Karma Fields."

"Build the Cities," is Karma Fields' first single which features Estonia's Kerli, who you may remember from such features on Seven Lions' and most recently, SNBRN's tracks.

"Build the Cities," touches on all areas of your taste buds throughout. The track begins by introducing itself through synth laden arpeggio's, then simmering down before it launches into full throttle techno-bass-madness for 16 hefty bars. Any lover of hard hatting layered music, from trance, harder-style, electro to techno, will find this one to stand the test of time. "Build the Cities" will insure your "most shazzamed festival tune of the summer" is sorted.

The music is also accompanied by some utterly inspiring imagery below, catapulting the music into the art sphere - an area which I so heavily love to explore. As this project provides an experience, you can expect Karma Fields to scare the living daylight out of producers next in line.

Enjoy at your own leisure: