Australian Teen Makes $1200 a Night Throwing Underage Raves

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Australian Teen Makes $1200 a Night Throwing Underage Raves

Melbourne teen Nick Stokes is living the dream, at age 17 he throws underage parties and earns up to $1200 a night.


He runs his parties like any club promoter would, he finds venues, DJs, security, lights, an event photographer and more importantly tickets any attendees found through Facebook.

At 300 people paying $15 a pop he says he’ll make up to $4500 a night before paying everyone involved and taking a tidy $1200 for himself according to the Herald Sun.

All of this has led to some heat from Victorian Police who have felt the wrath of residents of suburbs anywhere from Cranbourne to Clayton who have complained of “late night music and children spilling out onto the road” .

Nick thinks nothing of it touching on a notorious Australian party boy;

“People have compared me to Corey Worthington but I don’t want to be associated with him — he’s not on my level. I’m much bigger than him. I’m the best at what I do,”

Having dropped his trade apprenticeship Nick doesn’t plan to stop either telling the paper;

“I think if I put my mind to it, I could be making much more money out of it.

“Like right now, I make about $1200 in a night and I’m not even trying.

“I could imagine that adults would be pretty mad about that, seeing as they work so hard all week for what I can make in one night,” he said.

So far Victorian Police have had no major issues with the parties having recently attended and dispersed around 100 people without problem.

We’re guessing when this guy turns 18 he’ll be plucked up by a club promoter and put to work!

source: Herald Sun


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