Six Hospitalised After Consuming Super Strong ‘UPS’ Pills
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Six Hospitalised After Consuming Super Strong ‘UPS’ Pills

Six people have found themselves in hospital after consuming the reportedly super strong UPS pills that have surfaced in the UK.

The pills hit the news last week when Mixmag noted that the particular press contained up to 275mg of the base product MDMA, almost ten times that of the average pill five years ago.

Although not containing any toxic chemicals found in a few cases over the past few months certain groups are warning users to be careful when consuming them, often suggesting to only take half or even quarters in some cases as noted by drug safety group The Loop;

“[We] would urge you to be extra cautious if you choose to take pills matching this description. Start with as low a dose as possible and wait at least 1 hour before considering redosing. Take plenty of breaks from dancing; avoid mixing with alcohol or other drugs; and ensure you stay hydrated and drink water regularly (no more than 1 pint per hour, sipped).”

This case has now highlighted that both toxic and overpowered pills hitting the market with both offering their own dangers.

Recently Amsterdam’s ‘Night Mayor’ slammed the UK’s drug policy that has now opened the way to breathalysers and drug detection dogs found at select clubs in coming months.

This comes as both good and bad news following a survey by BBC Free Speech that found that alcohol is inherently more dangerous than a lot of people perceive.

Where do you stand?

source: Daily Mirror


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