Jack Ü to take on Missy Elliot
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Jack Ü to take on Missy Elliot

Following her mass Superbowl musical take-over and race up the iTunes charts, Missy Elliot is having the renaissance of the century – and it’s about to be electrified.

Part of the revolution is hectic collaborations. Following in the footsteps of Disclosure and RnB legend Mary J. Blige – legend collective Jack Ü is allegedly about to get involved with Missy.

Taking her on board – things are about to get significantly more badass for Ü’s track “Take Ü There”. Getting in on the remix – Missy is poised to add more bounce (if that’s even possible) to the track.

According to MissInfo – Missy is set to add two verses of rapping prowess that throwback to her ‘Hot Boyz’ sounds – and others that appeared on her ‘Da Real World’ (1999) album.

Apart looking forward to the amazing image of Diplo/Skrilzy/Missy having a serious partay – we’re super keen to see what these guys will create together. One of the masters of hip hop and the masters of freak-outs combined? Panic.

Missy was set to release a new album in 2014 – with only a taster of a track with Timbaland available thus far.

In anticipation of her electronic playplay – here’s some of our favourite Missy remixes.


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