Who Wants To Listen To 6 Hours Of Four Tet and Floating Points?
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Who Wants To Listen To 6 Hours Of Four Tet and Floating Points?

Schizophrenic producers Floating Points and Four Tet (who played last years Listen Out parties) have uploaded a whopping six hour set recorded at the last ever Plastic People’s closing party.

Both were regulars at the Shoreditch club in London that believed after 20 years “the time felt right to move on” and had Sam and Kieran finish things in the only way they could on the 2nd of January.

They paid tribute to the club in the description of the mix most notably pointing out the “impeccable sound system”;

“Over the past eight years or so we have had, along with Theo Parrish, the honour of playing the monthly residencies at a small basement club in Shoreditch, London with an impeccable sound system. After 20 years of operation, it was time to move on and close the doors on a place that has a lot to answer for in shaping modern club culture.”

Floating Points opens up on how the set came about with surprisingly a lot of his and Four Tet’s discography made for the system there;

On the day of their closing, manager Charlotte asked us if we’d put the system through its paces for the last time that the club would be open to the public. We set about packing the anthems from our respective residencies and on the night once the people were through the doors played 2 records in turn for the rest of the dance. We included tracks of our own and of friends that were made with that place in mind. Records like Daphni – Ye Ye and Four Tet – Pinnacles were made to first be played at Kieran’s nights there, and the Floating Points – Vacuum EP was born out of the CD-R night at the club, and its launch party was the trigger for Sam’s monthly residency.

The six hour mix is almost indescribable sounding more like an art-house soundtrack than a chomping club set as it jumps from flashy jazz to head bopping disco and even sonic, ambient soundscapes.

source: Mixmag


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