We May Already Have a Contender For The ‘Worst Track of the Year’
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We May Already Have a Contender For The ‘Worst Track of the Year’

Only a handful of weeks into the new year and we may already have a strong front runner for ‘Worst Track of the Year’.

The track is heralded by homegrown bounce kid Uberjak’d and Amsterdam duo GLOWINTHEDARK who have managed to compound a whole lot of steaming shit into close to four minutes of generic bounce.

Dubbed “Ozzie” the original is surely bound to be an Aussie bogan bounce anthem that features the unofficial ‘straya chant of “aussie aussie aussie, oi oi oi” before dribbling down into some white-bread bouncing bile. Sure it’s going to do exactly what marketing want from it – “how can we appeal to bogans and melbourne bounce fans?” but you can’t possibly admit this thing even sounds polished.

Honestly, we’re throwing out a disclaimer before you hit ‘play’ to prepare yourself for easily some of the most crusty turd, migraine inducing sonic sham we’ve heard in a long time.

But we’ll leave it to the people to decide. Let us know if you’ve already heard worse. Shoutouts to The Chainsmokers for taking out last years ‘Worst Track of the Year’ with “Selfie” -bravo .

Update: taken down from Youtube, now Soundclound. Peep it on Beatport if your ready and willing.


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