Berlin is know for many things, it's integral part in the dance music landscape, continual creative output, sprawling and affordable living and it turns out, on New Years Eve absolute mayhem... but not as what you'd expect.

Like all things German even though it looks seriously chaotic everything is under control with the local government allowing fireworks to be bought by citizens for use on the streets for around an hour slightly before midnight, a sort of DIY Sydney Harbour Bridge if you can imagine it (and probably a whole lot cheaper than the $7,000,000 bill).

Still sound unimaginable? Check out the 'long version' of a New Years Eve in Berlin captured by uploader Boris Niehaus who spent 20 minutes driving through "Friedrichshain on Karl-Marx-Allee, continuing over Warschauer and Oberbaumbrücke through Kreuzberg and Neukölln".

All in all, an eye opener that people can have fun without the usual idiocy that follows when combining booze and fireworks (would we ever see this in Australia? Nahhhhh). Not once does anyone seem to be firing their explosive payloads at each other or even the cars travelling along the main roads at speed - crazy!

Watch the video below.