Those Idiots Who Ripped Off Mr Oizo Respond To The Allegations
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Those Idiots Who Ripped Off Mr Oizo Respond To The Allegations

Nari and Milani, the Italian duo who managed to remix Mr Oizo’s timeless hit “Flat Beat” WITHOUT KNOWING IT, packaged it as an original and sent it to Sander Van Doorn’s label for release, finally got pulled up when the teaser for their reincarnation “Triangle” landed online as first reported on Stoney Roads.

The inevitable shit fight began and has brought out a response from the pairing on their Facebook who pointed to the sample as being freely available to buy and be used;

“It’s outhere (sic?), available to everyone… it’s on sale… everybody can go and use it legally, as we did,” adding “We weren’t first to use that sound actually, as many others did,” also managing to call out fellow producer Chas Zoo.

What they haven’t done is fess up in almost recreating the exact same structure, sounds, pitched vocals and well, everything else used in Oizo’s original “Flat Beat” track. Sure, you can buy the sample for free but how about inject some originality into the matter? Hell, Hilary Clinton could even have picked it as a complete rip off.

Thankfully Spinnin, who were set to release it have pulled the track from Youtube but we get the feeling this isn’t the end of it just yet until Oizo’s lawyers get involved.

Check out the two tracks below.

Nari & Milani – Triangle (Available January 26) by meme-vines

source: Beatport


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