There’s a Disconcerting Trend Happening With New Producers On Soundcloud
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There’s a Disconcerting Trend Happening With New Producers On Soundcloud

There’s always that sneaky person trying to leverage off others, it happens everywhere and the dance music world is not immune from it with a new trend happening on Soundcloud that will certainly get your blood boiling.

Pointed out by legendary Australian DJ and producer Glover was the rather dirty tactic of ripping unreleased tracks from mixes, uploading them to a personal Soundcloud and claiming it either to be their own or rather, a simple edit of the track when in fact nothings been done at all.

It get’s worse with said producers then plugging a free download of the rip in exchange for a like on Facebook or Soundcloud. Not cool huh?

Screen Shot 2015-01-15 at 10.50.19 am

There are other forms of this tactic as well, with really basic edits of tracks or even re-creating them identically to get past Soundclouds fingerprint detection and still potentially reap the benefits of likes or follows – derp.

Case in point unknown DJ (?) Mike Destiny who’s story changes from having edited a progressive Deniz Koyu, Nicky Romero & Tommy Trash banger, to actually claiming he re-created the track and then finally that it’s a vocal version for some reason?

This follows the allegations of Italian duo Nari & Milani almost ripping the identical sounds of Mr Oizo’s classic track “Flat Beat” that somehow made it all the way onto Sander Van Doorns label and prepped for release. Oizo wasn’t happy and we’re hoping the thing gets scuttled.

Check out the two below and make up your mind.

There are plenty more examples out there but just shows you that dance producers want everything now, even stealing it rather than spending the time making beats and furthering their craft.

Name and shame below if you spot this seriously wrong trend below.


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