The Logitech UE Boom Is a Serious Bit Of Mobile Speaker
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The Logitech UE Boom Is a Serious Bit Of Mobile Speaker

Most phone speakers just don’t cut it for the musical minded which has led to an explosion in mobile speakers from a range of high quality brands. One such is Logitech’s offering, the UE Boom that like it’s name has the power to boot!

In an effort to keep this about the bits you want to know about the review will be broken down into four main parts, think ‘design’, ‘sound quality’, ‘Pro’s and Con’s’ and of course a ‘Summary’ – expect this for most tech reviews coming through.

Skip to the end if you want to watch a video of it in action



The packaging is clean but almost a little overwhelming in size until you unsheathe the handheld speaker and power adaptor. Ours came in the blue cloth wrap and white body along with a yellow charger and cable (your not going to loose that anytime soon). There are a whole lot of colours so you can really find one that suits you to a T.

It’s weight is fair, not too heavy, not too light so you know you have a sturdy product that should live through a whole lot of rides in your bag, to the beach, to that camping festival and for bedroom listening sessions.

At first the volume buttons seem a little out of place but once you’ve used it a few times you’ll get your head around it quickly. The charger and headphone jack are hidden underneath a plastic covering which will save it from being filled it sand, dirty or beer if you’ve got it perched on a table.

Overall top marks and shoutout to Stolen Rum for the perfect size comparison of the packaging.

Logitech UE Boom 1

Sound Quality


Anytime you try to downsize or compress a speaker you might find sound quality is lost but with most tech advances things are getting smaller and smaller and still manage to pack a punch. Of course you won’t be able to use this for your DJ set but at your festival campsite you’ll find plenty of passer by’s drawn in by the crisp sounding lows, mids and highs.

Volume on the speaker runs in tandem with your laptop or phone or any bluetooth enabled device, you can crank it so far on the actual UE Boom but nudge up the volume on your device and you’ll be laughing with joy!

For a mobile speaker it performs really well.

Logitech UE Boom 3



If you know your way around settings on your phone, tablet or laptop and accessing bluetooth you should be fine. Parents might come a little unstuck but that’s what us kids are for right?

Depending how many of you and your friends picked up the UE Boom you can actually tag them together for double the aural pleasure. Haven’t been able to test this but can imagine a hell storm of sound when you get them cranked.

The only issue I ever have with mobile speakers is iTunes opening and killing the signal, but this lies more with preferences with that than the speaker. Quick fix is when syncing the speaker and device, right click and ‘force quit’ your iTunes before it makes a mess of things.

Bonus points for the charger also working as an iPhone 5 and 6 cable sunglassesemoji.jpf

Logitech UE Boom 4



With the design ticking boxes, sound doing it’s thing and simplicity in hooking this thing up with some tunes the Logitech UE Boom really makes it easy to get started with a mobile speaker.

Coming in around $160-$200 depending where you shop it’s a solid option for a birthday present or a treat to yourself if you find yourself out and about and needing some tunage. Check out the speaker in action on our Instagram here.

Logitech are also running a mix competition so submit yours to earn some loot!

Logitech UE Boom 5

Bonus photo of the UE Boom modeling our classic Stoney Roads tee that you can pick up here.

Logitech UE Boom 6

This product was sent to us by Logitech for a sponsored review… but it rules!


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